Thursday, April 6, 2023

Otitis media in children is a serious condition that must be treated in a timely manner

Ear infection in children:

Otitis media in children is common. One of the most important reasons for parents to go to the doctor to check the condition of their children. There are many types of these infections, and they affect especially infants and children from the age of three months to three years.

Types of ear infections in children:

Middle ear infection is one of the most dangerous infections. There is also an infection that affects the skin before the eardrum due to swimming pool water and ear tampering. And for infants while vomiting milk, especially since the external auditory canal is small and difficult to clean for them, so it must be checked from time to time because it cannot express its pain.

Among the most serious ear infections in children are those that affect the area behind the eardrum. which includes the great ones. And the child usually gets infected after exposure to a cold. As the child, after recovery, some fluid remains behind the eardrum stagnant because the channel between the nose and the ear closes when infected with inflammation during the period of infection with the common cold. And this liquid can rot.

Stages of otitis:

There are 3 stages of inflammation of the eardrum. In the first stage, it can be red and congestive, and it can go away with recovery from a cold. In the second stage, it can become swollen, which is a sign of suppuration behind the eardrum. And in a third stage, in some cases the guardian does not care about this case, so the eardrum is perforated and pus comes out. In this case, the ear must be cleaned with antibiotics, as it is necessary


Ear infection affects children and infants between the ages of three months and three years, and it is more dangerous when it affects those under two years of age, with a dangerous rise in body temperature, with the possibility of repeated exposure to this infection again after recovery. Exposure to complications, including swelling of the area behind the ear due to sepsis. And the solution is surgical in this case, as it can lead to sepsis at the level of the brain, a feeling of dizziness, and paralysis at the level of the face.