Saturday, April 1, 2023

Strategies and styles of raising children.. The permissive style. authoritarian style. Trusted style

Strategies for raising children:

Here are a number of parenting strategies that develop nurturing children:

  • Merging education and evaluation with fun.
  • Be a strong role model for your child as he learns behaviors by watching.
  • Teach children to take care of others.
  • Encourage the children to say "thank you".
  • Teaching children a problem-solving strategy and dealing with their different feelings by finding a solution to them.

Child rearing styles:

There are three basic styles of parenting:

Permissive style:

In this pattern, parents tend not to punish the child and accept his mistakes without being strict in alerting him.

authoritarian style:

Parents here work to form the child's personality as they want and control it based on standards they set for his behavior in a way that may lead to erasing his personality.

trusted pattern:

It is considered a middle ground between the two patterns, in which the parents focus on guiding the child rationally and correcting his behavior without erasing his personality.