Tuesday, April 4, 2023

What is Skin Rash in Children?

Skin Rash in Children:

Skin rash is a very common condition in children, and by it we mean any change in the shape or color of the skin in the child, which has several causes that are divided into normal and others into serious ones, as the rash can be associated with a bacterial infection, which results in a rise in the child’s body temperature. The rash can also be in one place or It is spread to all parts of the body, and the rash can take the form of redness in the skin only, or in the form of small grains.


In addition to the skin rash, several symptoms may appear on the infant, such as itching or a rise in body temperature. In some serious cases, the heart rate may increase or the pressure decreases. Also, pus may come out of the blisters, which are symptoms that require prompt treatment.

the reasons:

Baby skin sensitivity:

There are several reasons behind skin rashes in children, given that the infant’s skin is very sensitive at birth, and therefore it is vulnerable to external factors. Among the most common cases is a rash in the buttocks, and it is usually a result of the humidity of the area and the frequent stay in wet diapers, so care must be taken to change the diapers always Dry the area well and clean it every time.

Diaper allergy:

This rash can be due to other reasons such as the child's sensitivity to a certain type of diaper or eczema due to external factors such as this infant's milk powder. There are also some viruses that can cause the infant to have a rash in that area.

Dandruff on the scalp:

There is another common type of skin rash, especially in newborns, which is dandruff that appears, especially on the scalp, and which can be eliminated by learning the correct way to wash the infant’s hair and using shampoo and moisturizing cream suitable for its skin.

Water bags:

And in some newborn babies, a kind of rash appears, which is in the form of small watery cysts, which are mainly caused by the glands responsible for the sweating of the infant, and these are cases that do not cause concern and disappear within days of their appearance on their own.

bacterial infection:

There is a kind of rash associated with bacterial infection, and it begins with red dots under the skin and is rapidly spreading in a short time, and it is a condition that requires urgent treatment.

Sweat pills:

There is a kind of small red pimples that appear in the body of children, and they are essentially sweating pills associated with body water that does not come out in the form of sweat, but rather remains under the layers of the skin. Cool, away from the heat, especially in the summer. It is also recommended to treat this condition with sea water or take a regular shower, especially in the summer.

Bacterial causes:

In addition to these reasons, there are bacterial causes, which are usually dangerous, as the skin rash is accompanied by a rise in body temperature and failure, or it can be bacterial causes, where we find a kind of rash in the form of bubbles appearing in the entire skin accompanied by severe itching, which deserves a visit to the specialist as soon as possible. As for viral causes, there are two common cases, measles and zoster, which deserve special attention and deserve to take the child to the specialist doctor for examination and to receive appropriate medications.


Among the causes of the rash, we find parasites that can cause small circles to appear throughout the body, accompanied by itching, and are painful and inflamed. They can appear in the scalp as well, and if not treated, they can lead to effects that never go away, and the hair in that area can never grow, and the parasites intensify. Sometimes due to several stimulating factors, such as high weather temperature, low immunity of the infant due to illness, or the use of corticoid medications. These cases deserve medical intervention, and their treatment is through some types of shampoos and creams.


Allergies in children can cause rashes, and allergies can be associated with several reasons, such as food, medications, or contact eczema that occurs when the skin touches a specific object that leads to sensitivity and redness of the area. It does not leave the body until after a certain period, so the symptoms go away for a while and then disappear.


Treatment differs according to the condition of the infant and the cause of the rash. If its causes are normal, treatment can be through creams and by following preventive methods recommended by the specialist. If the causes are bacteria, then the specialist prescribes antibiotics in that case. If the causes and symptoms are dangerous, then the case may deserve hospitalization. or treatments.

Children's self-medication:

We always emphasize avoiding self-medication for children without consulting a specialist. For example, the frequent use of anti-inflammatory drugs can weaken the infant's immunity, while excessive use of antibiotics leads to the formation of a kind of resistance in the body that makes these drugs unable to affect the body when it is actually needed.