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Baptist Memorial Hospital - Crittenden - West Memphis - Arkansas - USA

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Crittenden


2100 North Seventh Street
West Memphis, AR  72301
United States of America

Telephone Number:

(870) 394-7800

Hospital Website:

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Crittenden in West Memphis, Arkansas! It's a vital healthcare hub serving the community with a range of services. Let's dive into what they offer:

General Care:

- Emergency Department:

Equipped for immediate care of urgent medical needs, 24/7.

- Inpatient Care:

A comfortable and supportive environment for recovery, with 144 beds available.

- Outpatient Clinics:

Convenient access to primary care, specialty services, and diagnostic testing.


- Cardiology:

Advanced care for heart and vascular conditions, including diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation.

- General Surgery:

Addressing a wide range of surgical needs with skilled and experienced surgeons.

- Orthopedics:

Expertise in treating bone, joint, and muscle issues, from fractures to sports injuries.

- Radiology:

Providing accurate imaging for diagnosis and treatment planning.

- Women's Health:

Comprehensive care for women at all stages of life, from obstetrics and gynecology to mammography.

Additional Services:

- Laboratory Services:

Offering a variety of tests and analyses for accurate diagnoses.

- Rehabilitation Services:

Helping patients regain strength and function after illness or injury.

- Nutritional Counseling:

Personalized guidance for healthy eating and improved well-being.

Community Commitment:

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Crittenden is dedicated to serving the West Memphis community through various initiatives:

- Community outreach programs:

Providing health education and screenings to underserved populations.

- Partnerships with local organizations:

Collaborating to improve access to healthcare and address community health needs.

- Support for local schools:

Promoting healthy lifestyles and educational programs.