Complete blood count "CBC" is a laboratory test important in dentistry

Complete blood count "CBC" is a laboratory test important in dentistry:

  • A. True.
  • B. False.

You are correct! The answer is: (A. True)

A complete blood count (CBC) is a valuable tool in dentistry for several reasons:
  • Infection detection: CBC can help identify signs of infection, such as elevated white blood cell count, which can be helpful in diagnosing gum disease, abscesses, or other oral infections.
  • Bleeding risk assessment: CBC can assess platelet count and function, which is important before dental procedures that may involve bleeding.
  • Anemia evaluation: Anemia can cause fatigue and impact healing. CBC can identify potential anemia and guide treatment decisions.
  • Overall health assessment: CBC can provide insights into a patient's overall health status, which can be important for planning dental treatment, especially for patients with pre-existing medical conditions.
While not a routine test in dentistry, a CBC can be a valuable tool when used appropriately.