Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hair growth cycle .. Growth phase. Resting phase. Phase shift - falling phase

The hair growth has a specific cycle. Hair does not continue to grow indefinitely. The hair follicle grows with a so-called "hair growth ring". The growth of hair goes through several stages and a special balance in natural persons as developing hair represents the majority.
1 Growth phase: "Anagen"
The hair growth phase takes about 3 months or more depending on the location. The cells of the embryos grow and divide and become corneal to form a growing hair as the base of the hair body is moist and soft. The most pigmented section appears directly above the capillary bulb. Growing hair in healthy people makes up about 90% of the entire hair.
2 "Telogen" comfort phase:
The hairs in the resting phase are in a state of rest lasting about 3 months, as a section of the growing hair (about 10%) passes through this stage before falling.
Hair is also called "Club Hair" where it falls when new hair grows.
3 Catagen phase:
This hair is transformed from developing to rest, where hair growth stops and hair enters the hair club stage.
As the hair approaches the end of the growth phase, multiple changes occur in the follicles.
Under normal conditions, most hair is growing, others are resting and a small percentage of hair is in transition or falling.
The natural scalp contains a hundred thousand (100,000) hair follicles. Daily scalp hair growth is about: 0.35 mm per day.
The growth period in the scalp hair is about six months.
Several factors affect the growth stage, especially hormones, systemic diseases, nervousness or nervous tension, pregnancy, breastfeeding, psychological factors and other factors.
In such cases, the growth phase is short and most hair passes through the stage of rest. The hairs of the scalp are naturally shed at about 120-100 hair / day. The falling hair is then compensated.
Some people are afraid of baldness because of the loss of their hair every day and the convincing answer is that if this is the case and the hair falling does not replace with new hair, all people will become salty.
Hair at rest is more prone to fall due to lack of hair consistency and lack of cohesion assets. The hair of the scalp differs in that its growth does not require any androgenic stimulant, on the contrary, increased excess androgens can lead to hair loss.