Sunday, April 30, 2023

Causes of autism and its signs according to the age of the child

Signs of autism according to the age of the child:

  • After reaching six months, the infant should be affected by tickling, expressing joy and happiness, and smiling, but the autistic child is not affected by all these actions, and does not show a reaction in return.
  • After entering the age of nine months, he does not respond to the call, does not interact with sounds, does not communicate with his eyes, so his visual interaction is weak, and does not imitate your movements that you repeat in front of him.
  • After completing the first year, he is late in speaking, and even babbling with names and letters he does not do, and he does not respond to calling his name, and he does not wave his hands or hug you.
  • When he reaches the age of one and a half, he still does not speak words, and he does not try to make sounds to get your attention.
  • The autistic child, who is two years old, does not try to discover new toys and clings to playing in one place, and also clings to specific toys and dolls and does not want to play with others.

Causes of autism:

  • Environmental pollution from the air or a viral infection may be among the motivating causes for the disease to appear on the infected child.
  • The presence of a group of genes, some of which make the child more susceptible to the disorder, while others affect the functions of the brain and the extent of its development, and this is often the result of a genetic defect, and here the genes are primarily responsible for this pathological condition.
  • There are some studies that attribute this infection to vaccination with the triple vaccine given against mumps, measles, and rubella.
  • One reason may be some vaccines that contain thimerosal, because they contain a preservative with a small amount of mercury.
  • Some of the recent research conducted indicates other causes, including the occurrence of problems during labour, or during the delivery process.
  • These researches also suggested that the cause of autism is due to a defect in the immune system.