Saturday, April 22, 2023

Effective means and methods that help the child to speak early.. good listening. Breastfeeding. Stay away from TV and mobile phone. The mother's conversation with him

Effective means and methods that help the child to speak early:

If you have a young child of months old and you want to help your child speak well and prevent your child's delay in speaking as well as improve the child's linguistic outcome, there are many methods that can help you with that, including the following:

  • The mother must make sure that the child hears well from birth, and the child’s hearing can be measured from birth in order to make sure that the child does not suffer from any hearing problem, and audiometry has now become a necessary, very available, well-known and widespread matter, as it has become one of the most important examinations that are carried out for the child in The first days of his birth, and this is considered one of the most important positive things due to its great importance in knowing if the child has been suffering from a hearing problem since birth and needs special treatment and presentation to the specialist doctor, or is this child normal and does not need that.
  • When the child reaches the age of six months, it is necessary to make sure that the child understands well. This can be seen when the child gets to know his mother and calms down when he sees her. He gets angry when she is away from him for long periods.
  • One of the most important means that helps your child to speak is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding improves brain development, improves the child’s mental abilities, and works to strengthen the muscles of the mouth and jaw, and thus helps the child to speak early and not be late in speaking. Breastfeeding is the (liquid gold) that Its importance to the child cannot be limited, so every mother must be very careful about breastfeeding and not deprive her child of the benefits it gives to her child.
  • It is recommended that the child talk to her infant since birth, as the child’s brain in this age period is like a computer and can record everything he listens to, so the mother must talk to him a lot in order to listen to the language frequently and properly, and the mother must be keen to speak in words It is understandable and clear, as if she is talking to an adult, so that the child can store those linguistically correct words and be able to repeat them after that, and call the things around them by their true names, because the child at that time stores everything he listens to.
  • The mother must tell her child some stories, which is very important for the children because it makes the child get used to hearing a lot, which helps to increase his linguistic attainment.
  • When talking to the child, the mother must talk to him as an adult with correct letters and correct sentences, and never resort to using some children's words, so that the child can hear well and repeat the words correctly.
  • For children of nine months or more, when speaking to them, they must use a sentence consisting of more than one word, not just one word, so that the child can link words to each other and increase his linguistic output.
  • Keep your child completely away from television, especially children's channels, in addition to not watching mobile phones, as television and mobile phones are considered a negative environment that does not stimulate speech. Those who watch television before the age of two years are exposed to a delay in speech, in addition to that their mental abilities are affected and are less than children who have been removed from watching television and telephones, so we find that the American Academy of Pediatrics issued recommendations that children who have not reached the age of two years are completely prohibited from exposure To watch TV or mobile in any way.