Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Effective ways to facilitate your dealings with the messy child

Chaotic behavior in children:

The chaotic behavior of children is one of the most annoying things for parents and causes them insomnia and psychological discomfort. The messy child is often known for his continuous scattering of objects and home furniture and his lack of interest in order, cleanliness and organization.

How to deal with a messy child:

The messy child can be dealt with through the following methods:

Teach the child to organize and arrange:

Since arrangement and organization are among the habits that completely eliminate chaotic behavior in a child, it is important for the mother to accustom him to this matter in several stages. For example, you can accustom him in the first stage to arranging his toys and organizing them inside the room, then teach him how to arrange his bed, and then how to organize his clothes. This matter, over time, can transform the child from chaotic to intellectually and behaviorally organized.

Avoid hitting and shouting:

Dealing with chaotic behavior can never be cured by hitting and screaming, as this only causes more stress for the mother and makes the child more stubborn and clingy. Therefore, it is better for the mother to resort to dealing with her chaotic son calmly, using the method of communication and dealing with him rationally to make him aware that he is responsible for all his actions and that the matter is serious and that she never jokes with him.


The element of rewards is one of the basic things that can teach a child to be organized and not chaotic. For example, the matter can set a list of rewards and gifts that her child loves, and present them to him after he proves that he succeeded in organizing and arranging his room. If the child likes to play in the garden, she can promise him that she will allow him to do so after he has done the task of arranging and organizing.