Sunday, April 9, 2023

Effects of passive smoking on children and the elderly who do not smoke

Smoking and smokers:

Smoking does not only harm smokers when smoking in a closed place, as traces of toxic substances remain in these places, harming non-smokers such as the elderly, children and pregnant women.

Many people do not know that the harmful substances left behind by cigarette butts are more harmful than the presence of a smoker in this closed place.
And traces of smoking are usually found in the air we breathe, walls, clothes, curtains, sofas, and children's toys as well.
The harmful effects of smoking, mainly toxic substances, can be transmitted when a child puts these toys in his mouth.
These substances can also injure the skin

Harmful effects of smoking for children:

Smoking has many harmful effects on the respiratory system of children because it is not fully developed and can cause asthma and inflammation of the bronchi, nose, throat and nerves.

Passive smoking:

Passive smoking is harmful to children's health to a large extent because toxic substances are able to pass to many places easily, as a number of statistics indicate that about 40 percent of children are exposed to passive smoking, and about 78 percent are exposed to its harms in schools, which are very dangerous data.