Thursday, April 20, 2023

The reason for the delay in the appearance of teeth in infants

Delayed eruption of children's teeth:

Some mothers may notice a delay in the appearance of their children's teeth after six months, and thus they may begin to feel some anxiety and stress, and search for the reasons that led to the teeth not appearing at their normal time.

It is worth noting that the absence of teeth does not mean that they are not present, as it is very possible that they are present inside the jaws, except that there are some natural reasons that impede their exit, and it is not possible to talk about the existence of a problem in the infant when the delay in the appearance of his teeth until after the expiration of thirteen months, i.e. a year and a month of his age without her appearing.

Reasons for delayed tooth eruption:

There are some factors that affect the appearance of teeth, including:

Genetic factor:

The genetic and biological factors of the infant play a major role in the time of their appearance, so the reason for the delay in the appearance of teeth is often due to the fact that one of the parents may delay the appearance of his teeth when he was an infant.

Thyroid problems:

An imbalance in the function of the thyroid gland and its secretions leads to disturbances in the natural growth process in general, and thus affects the timing of the emergence of teeth.


Failure of the diet to contain healthy elements suitable for the growth of the infant, such as calcium, leads to a delay in the appearance of the infant's teeth.

Vitamin D deficiency:

It is known that vitamin D is very important for the growth and health of bones and teeth, and a deficiency in it will affect the appearance of teeth.

If the delay in the appearance of teeth continues in the infant beyond thirteen months of his life, he must be taken to the doctor to carry out the necessary examinations, to find out the reason for the delay, in addition to the importance of checking the level of calcium and vitamin D, then giving the infant the appropriate treatment, but if the doctor cannot determine the cause of the delay Parents should wait until the teeth appear alone.