Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What to do in the absence of a sense of decline of sugar in the blood.. Prevention of the decline in blood sugar

● Should be your focus is to try to prevent a drop in blood sugar and do an analysis of self-blood sugar several times a day with an attempt to   Increase the sugar values  Target for a temporary period (I mean, if you're targeting value Blood sugar before eating to 120 mg / dL so let goal is to be the value of blood sugar before eating to 150 mg / dL. 
Important Note:   Found to prevent a drop in blood sugar for a brief period and within ..  Only about two weeks to help the body   Back feeling symptoms stimuli to hypoglycemia.When the patient can feel symptoms stimuli for hypoglycemia is better, of course..
Is not it? ... Then he could be targeted as he did previously .. Value of blood sugar before eating to 120 mg / dL. 
● There is important for people in this case, a careful work to measure blood sugar before driving.. Must be blood sugar before driving at least 100 mg / dl before the start of the journey. 
● I always bring with you to indicate that you have diabetes. Contract (the series) in the neck or on your wrist ... Even quick fix is obtained if happened to you any emergency. 
● (Home, school, workplace) must be someone you know is suffering from diabetes and knows how to address declines in sugar, as well as how to give an injection of the hormone glucagon. 
If a taken unawares cases of hypoglycemia do not give up. Tell your doctor how to prevent them and try to learn the basic skills to deal with diabetes and do not leave sugar obtained from landing high spirits !!!