Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Signs of insulin corruption and loss effect.. Turbidity of the solution. Deposits and blocks. Change color. Wife. Freezing in the refrigerator

A- If the look and feel of your insulin is not a solution, as usual, may have spoiled Here are some signs: 
1- Become insulin solution (turbidity) or depositions, and if I was supposed to be net like water. 
2- In the case that it is supposed to be No net And one signs of corruption is the presence of deposits / blocks, even after that his sign gently between your palms. 
3- In the case of a change in color of the insulin solution. 
4- In the case that the insulin solution became viscous. 
5- In the frozen state solution insulin fridge has spoiled the effect.
B- If the insulin effect was to be able to decrease blood sugar, even though you follow the diet and exercise as usual, and the most important reasons for the effect of insulin is: 
1- In case you opened / started using an explosive insulin for more than a month. 
2- in the case of many of the holes rubber tube cover insulin because you used in low doses and multiple daily has nearly the amount of insulin solution in the tube to a close.  In any case if I thought that insulin is spoiled and the effect is not waiting for something and do not try tried and tested, but then change the insulin Tube with a new one.