Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Treatment of type I diabetes.. The use of stem cells. Pancreas transplant. Beta cell transplants. Reprogramming cells.

There are two common types of diabetes Type I and Type II. There are successful ways for the prevention of type II diabetes. But there is no way to prevent Type I diabetes, As for the cure, there is no cure for both types of diabetes, and even writing this article. Must with diabetes interest not to allow diabetes than harm it. How? Basic learning skills to deal with diabetes, and with a little patience and determination with diabetes can coexist peacefully with diabetes.
But is there hope for a cure for diabetes of both types I and II? 
"From my point of view," the hope of discovering cure closer to type the first part of the second type, but we hope that the dream finding a cure for both types of diabetes, but it is not easy. In any case, we'll see. 
We will talk in this article for the first type of diabetes. There are several attempts to find a cure for patients with type I diabetes, such as: 
1 - The use of stem cells: These are facing some problems, including some of the cells transformed into cells secrete insulin, but may turn some other cells into cancer cells. This therapeutic method is still the process of research. 
2 - Pancreas transplant. 
3 - beta cell transplants: Extraction beta cells of the pancreas needs to very high technology, and the difficulties of therapeutic application of this policy are facing problems as some of the problems encountered in transplantation of the pancreas. 
4 - Reprogramming cells: how very interesting to change the cells in the pancreas that secrete the digestive juices, which have nothing to do ((cell "beta", which is excreted in the insulin)), where it is re-programming cells of the pancreas and the transfer of some genes to and reprogrammed and converted to cells "beta "that secrete insulin. This method worked in laboratory experiments on mice where the gene transfer to pancreatic cells by certain types of viruses. These technical "reprogramming cells" succeeded, but waiting for the results of research on humans. Difficulty in this method is how to transfer the gene to cells in the pancreas. Then that in laboratory experiments on mice is part of the cells, but not all, turning cells into "beta." Will this be enough to let insulin? 
5 - The other way is what was published in the magazine specialized in the study of genes (Nature genetic) online on 03.11.2012, a method that could be the best way to treat Type I diabetes that they succeed. In this way, the patient may be able to type I diabetes produce insulin and without the need for stem cells. How? 
  Of course again laboratory tests on mice, too, the tests were successful in making the special cells exist device Digestive Responsible to secrete certain hormones that secrete in Digestive and blood. The tests were successful in making these cells secrete the hormone insulin.! In any case this way the two things Exciting the first is that these (cells) which became excreted in the insulin present device Digestive, cells Digestive few being attacked by the immune system, then your cells that have been modified, no fear from the immune system, this feature. The second interesting thing is that these cells (notice) the rate of blood sugar when the sugar is naturally in the blood, they do not produce insulin and therefore can not happen drop in blood sugar. Commented one of the researchers on the study, saying he is likely to use this technique for the treatment of people with diabetes first type. Let's wait research. 
But is closer to the discovery of cure for Type I diabetes? We hope so.